Friday, January 23, 2009

January, 23rd 2009 (Almost typed 2008)

Sorry I haven't posted anything since the beginning of the month. I've had a couple of head colds that have been a pain and don't seem to want to go away. I finally went to the doctor on Wednesday and he gave me some antibiotics that where pretty darn expensive.

I also began class 2 weeks ago. We started our first project last week. I must say it seems like childs play so far to me, but I'm sure the projects will get more interesting and more creative. I have 2 chapters to read and watch a video all before next Tuesday.

Saturday is a a fun event. My Brother and Sister-in-law invited me to go to Disney tomorrow with them and my Nephews. Should be a beautiful day and temps will be nice and warm during the day in the mid 70's. Yay! So you know I am deft. taking my camera with me to take some (okay a lot) of pictures. :)

A few other events/shoots that are coming up so look for photo's to be up soon.
Megan :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone,

Well this past week has been busy at work, and at home. Got down all my Christmas Decorations, and put things back in order. I've decided that for now my guest bedroom is going to be my organization zone for yard sale gatherings. Basically I'm putting things in that room for a yard sale I'm hoping to have sometime to do it next month or in March. I am saving my money for a vacation. Not sure where I'm going, but my dream vacation would be Hawaii, but that is pretty pricey. It'll still be some place tropical, just not sure where. So I've been on line hunting down some good deals. I'm gonna go with one of my bff's Amber. I also have to work on ordering a new pass port since mine is no longer valid.

Another thing coming up that I'm real excited about is Spring Term begins. I am stoked about the new class I'm taking. Adobe Illustrator I've heard both positive and negitive sides to taking the class, but I must take it in order to get my Digital Media class, and it's a follow up for the class that I just took Intro to Computer Graphics. I'm hoping that there aren't going to be any major projects due in the Spring term cause I may wind up taking my vacation at that time. We will see. ;)

As you all know this is a new year....2009! Many people are making resolutions, and already breaking them. So this year I remember watching Oprah and she talked about a dream board (forgive me if the name is wrong). It got me thinking I'll blog about it, and maybe some of it will happen this year or 5 years from now. So here's what my dream board will look like.

1. Go on Vacation (besides annual beach trip)
2. Start my own Photography/Digital Media Business
3. Cook a new meal once a week. (I've actually begun that and it's been pretty fun, and tasty)
4. Date More
5. Sing up for more group actiavities (dance lessons, photography meet ups, cooking, things I like ect)
6. Help out my parents more
7. Spend Less (isn't everyone trying to do this these days?)
8. Start a budget (that would help)
9. Find a job helping a photographer, or in the digital media field.
10.To become a traveling photographer (that would so ROCK!)
11. Fix things around the house.
12. Take better care of myself.

Hope Everyone Has a Happy and Healthy 2009. I'll continue to let you know if any of the following improve or happen through out my blog. Thanks for visiting and don't forget to come back. ;)

Meg :)