Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Have had a busy couple of month's these are just a few of my favorite photo's from my latest batch of photo's I went through and edited. Enjoy!

Fun Halloween Party I went to. Had to add this one in because it's one of my favorites.

Wyatt's 2nd Birthday Party

Ashlynn's 4th Birthday Party one of my Favorites.

Monday, August 23, 2010

22Blaac Concert Photo Shoot...

It's been so long, since I've blogged. I'm sorry for neglecting to keep up. I have been busy this year. Not only with photography, but with everything else going on in my life. I thought I'd share some photos of one of the most recent photo shoots I had the honor of taking. My lastest photo shoot I did for an local awesome band 22Blaac. I'm so happy with the way these photos turned out.
About the Band: 22Blaac writes, records, and performs High Energy Rock & Roll garnished with Rap and Southern Rock, sweeping deftly through a broad spectrum of killer guitar tones and face melting solos layered over solid and tight drum and bass lines, all topped by powerful lyrics and beautiful harmonies.

The boys in the band are: Aaron Textor - Lead vocals / Backup rhythm guitar, Abram Paff - Drums / Backup vocals, Pat Paff - Bass guitar / Backup vocals, Robby Gore - Rhythm guitar / Vox / Backup vocals, Tyler Whitten -Vocals (Not in that order of the photo of course!)

Thanks guys for such an awesome show, and letting me take pics. I can't wait to see the next show. To Check out the Band and there music you can visit them at: http://22blaac.com/