Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

Hey Everyone,
It's finally the end of 2008! I thought since I'm hanging out at home this NYE. Yes you heard right, miss party girl is home trying to get over a head cold. I'm a little bummed that I don't get to go out and sport my cute little number that I bought just for the occasion. Oh well guess I'll have to sport it for another event. Anyway, I've changed the blog a little bit. I'm concentrating on getting more photography pics up and show off some of my art as a student. I'm taking a class on Adobe Illustrator starting in January. So I'll hopefully get to post some of my work up when I can. I'm also going to strongly work on getting a new blog/website up for my Photography business, so be on the look out for a second blog.

Since this year was 2008 and we're coming into 2009. I thought I'd share 8 different things that I loved about 2008. So here goes:

1. Favorite Place I visited:
Well I only visited 2 places this year, but I have to say visiting my Bff in Miami was a great birthday weekend.

2. Favorite thing about being 32:
I still get carded when buying drinks (unless the bartender knows me).

3. Favorite Place to hangout:
Most would think I'd say MCG's, but actually hanging out at my parents house when the whole family is there.

4. Favorite New Thing:
Learning About Digital Media & Finding blogger ;)

5.Favorite Spot in the house:
Couch or pool

6. Favorite place to eat:
Still Amura's

7. Favorite Song of the Year:
I guess it came a little late in the year for me, but I am so loving Just Dance By Lady Gaga-- Good for a cardio work out, or just dancing with frineds, or dancing in the living room by myself.

8. Favorite New Thing:
I've been baking and cooking more, so I think that is what I'll try to continue on for next year.

As far as resolutions go I'm going to stick with what I said last year cause it seems to work: "I'm not making any resolutions." That works for me.

Hope Everyone has a wonderful time celebrating the New Year. Make sure you take a cab, or have a Designated Driver with you if you go out celebrating. Have a Safe and Happy NEW YEAR! Let's all hope 2009 is a better year for everyone!

Monday, December 29, 2008


Hi Everyone,
I'm kind of in a Holidaze you know seems like life has been super swamped with all the fun holiday parties, food, cooking, gatherings, college bowl games, and whew I'm tired. Did Christmas even happen? Well yes I know that it did cause I was blessed and got not only one item I wanted, but both items I wanted for Christmas. I have been having fun practicing and playing with them. 2 of my favorite gifts I got for Christmas was a Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM.
A picture of my new toys...

My other attachment/toy is a canon Speedlite (Detachable Flash), 580EX II. I'm going shooting tomorrow on my parents property on the lake. Can't wait to share pictures.

This Ornament on my parent's tree was the first picture I took with both the new flash and the new lens.

Pretty Cool huh. :)
Hope Everyone had a Merry Christmas, and has a Happy New Year!
Be Back in 2009.
xoxo's Meg :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Intro To Computer Graphics

Hi Everyone,
I finally have a night where I can post some of my art work up from my first Digital Media class. The class was called Intro to Computer Graphics. I had a great time re learning photoshop. A lot has changed since I was in school years ago. So Hope you enjoy seeing some of my work.

#1 Clipping Project

#2 Project: Montage (Not my best)

I also learned some Adobe Illustrator, and I wanted to bring up one image for you that I did as a photo restoration, but I'm having problems bringing it in. Soon as I figure out how to bring it in I will. :) Thanks for looking at the ones I was able to bring in.

This month I have been busy with Christmas Shopping, Cookie making, Holiday parties, and doing some freelance photography work. Thanks to my wonderful friends and family I have been practicing quite a bit. I plan to pull some up here asap. Feel free to comment on my work. I love feed back.
Meg :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Hi Everyone,
If you've visited my page this year next year you'll notice a little difference. Still me writing of course, but I decided to change my blog up a little bit. Since I'm going back to school and getting more into the Digital Media field I wanted to dedicate my blog to my photography and my work and art that I find fascinating in general. So I hope you'll enjoy visiting my page from time to time. Of course a little bit of my life will be blogged about in between.

I will be pretty busy from now till the New Year, but I hope to show some of my work up here as soon as I can. So please bear with me. I love comments, and if you're an art blogger let me know. I'd love to meet other art bloggers.

Meg :)