Monday, December 15, 2008

Intro To Computer Graphics

Hi Everyone,
I finally have a night where I can post some of my art work up from my first Digital Media class. The class was called Intro to Computer Graphics. I had a great time re learning photoshop. A lot has changed since I was in school years ago. So Hope you enjoy seeing some of my work.

#1 Clipping Project

#2 Project: Montage (Not my best)

I also learned some Adobe Illustrator, and I wanted to bring up one image for you that I did as a photo restoration, but I'm having problems bringing it in. Soon as I figure out how to bring it in I will. :) Thanks for looking at the ones I was able to bring in.

This month I have been busy with Christmas Shopping, Cookie making, Holiday parties, and doing some freelance photography work. Thanks to my wonderful friends and family I have been practicing quite a bit. I plan to pull some up here asap. Feel free to comment on my work. I love feed back.
Meg :)

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How To Eat A Cupcake said...

I wish I was in your class!! I've had photoshop for years and never formally learned how to use it.