Friday, April 10, 2009


I know it is now April and forgive me for letting my blog go so long with out a hello or shout out. I was madly busy the month of March and this month is just about as busy as March was. But I'd rather be busy then not. My final is coming up soon, so I have been busy working away on class projects and homework. That consumes most of my days when I am not working in retail. I am still slowly getting my photography business off the ground, but I have been networking with a few wedding vendors, and other local photographers in the area and letting them know about me. My only actual day off Freedom is on Sundays and that has been filled with fun friends and family activities all month long. Some exciting event's coming up that I'll be happily taking photos for are the following: Easter weekend with the fam., my nephew's 3rd Birthday, and hopefully in the next month or two my vacation. I am also looking forward to this semester to end. I loved the class, but it was deft a lot of work. Whew!

So I do promise to have some more photos up as well. I did a Birthday party photo shoot in March, and I will be posting the birthday party pics. Soon. Forgive me again for leaving everyone hanging. :)

I hope Everyone had a Safe And Happy Easter!

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