Tuesday, June 23, 2009

3 Days to vacation time...

(Pic not taken by me), but gives you an idea of where we will be. :)

Hi Everyone,

The Family and I are heading out on our vacation to Cinnamon Beach in Palm Coast. We will be enjoying 10 full days of the beach. I'll try to update you all daily. The Family members attending will be myself, mom and dad, and my brother and sister in law and there two little boys. My oldest nephew Leyton is 3 and the youngest Wyatt is 9 months. So I plan on having lots of adventures with the fam. I have wifi, so I'll be up loading pics and writing about our adventures. Till then I have to work today, and then try to get everything in the car by tomorrow night. Lots of running around and getting packed tomorrow. Can't wait for our little family vacation. :)

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