Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 3 at the beach....

Okay so I know I was supposed to update you every day about out beach vacation, but when you have a two year old and a 9month old running the roost it's kind of hard to get to the computer and by the time the evening hits you're exhausted. I am getting a dose everyday life is for Gina and all you other mom's out there. Today I am getting a little break from my nephews they're off to a birthday party down in south Fl. Mom and I are hanging out in doors today catching up on laundry and picking up the place. Okay well mom is doing most of it. I just chip in when called upon. ;)

The first day we got to our rental condo around 3p.m. and unloaded our cars, and unpacked. Leyton wanted to head down to the beach so G-Pa (he calls my dad), and Gina and I took him down there. It was high tide and the waves where crashing all over the place. Almost made me dizzy to see them go in and out that fast. We did a short walk, but here's a little preview of some of the great pics I took. The last one I have to credit to Gina. Leyton wanted his Mimi (me), to come and play in the ocean, that was about as far as I got cause I'm a chicken. lol Here are some pics to preview and enjoy. Once I get my website up I'll have more posted on there.

Water going back into the ocean.

First Day in the ocean.

We found a small crab. ;)

Gina took this one of us in the ocean. He wanted Mimi (me) to come in with him. This is about as far as I would go. The ocean scares me. lol

Yesterday I had one of my migranes and so I pretty much slept the day away, but am much better today. I am trying to get used to the not so comfortable bed, and that may have triggered my migrane. So glad I am better today, and ready to play. :) Well I am off to the pool! Will update y'all soon.

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